Ethics Committee Approval / Informed Consent
ULAKBIM TR DIRECTORY Committee requests that the Ethics Committee Approval be obtained for research conducted in all disciplines, including social sciences, upon the change it has made in the journal evaluation criteria for the year 2020, and that this approval is stated and documented in the article.
Upon this change in Article 8 within the scope of TR INDEX Evaluation Criteria, it is mandatory to include the information about the permission in the Ethics Committee Approval (ethics committee name, date and number) in the method section of the article and also on the first/last page of the article for studies that require ethics committee approval, which started in 2020. Accordingly, it will be sent to our journal for publication in the next period;
(1) In all studies conducted with qualitative or quantitative approaches that require data collection from participants using questionnaire, interview, focus group study, observation, experiment, interview techniques
(2) In research where humans and animals (including material / data) are used for experimental or other scientific purposes
(3) In clinical trials on humans
(4) In animal studies
(5) In accordance with the law on the protection of personal data, it is necessary to include information on the ethics committee in retrospective researches in the relevant sections and to comply with research and publication ethics.
• In case reports to be sent other than research articles;
(1) Stating that the informed consent form has been obtained
(2) Obtaining and indicating permission from the owners for the use of scales, questionnaires, photographs belonging to others
(3) It should be noted that the copyright of the intellectual and artistic works used in research is respected.
• Ethics Committee Approval will not be required for review articles.
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