CapItal Structure And DIstrIbutIon Of AgrIcultural EnterprIses ProducIng Dry Beans; Cumra DIstrIct Example

Fatma Çiftci, Cennet Oğuz, İsmail Çiftci

DetermInatIon Of Some QuantItatIve CharacterIstIcs Of Fresh And PInto Bean Genotypes Collected In ErzIncan ProvInce

Halil İbrahim Öztürk, Atilla Dursun

DetermInatIon Of GenetIc DIversIty And ScreenIng Of Bcmv And Bcmnv ResIstance In Some Bean Genotypes UsIng Molecular Markers

Ayşe Nur Çetin, Ali Tevfik Uncu, Önder Türkmen

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